full chasm osaka banter


harry: “And last but not least, from osaka, on keys and vocals, MS CLARE UCHIMA! [hands clare the microphone] 

clare: hi! I was born in the kansai region [where the show was taking place] and lived there for 15 years! but it is my first time having a concert in Osaka and at this arena! [comes down from the platform and stands beside mitch] let me talk with my other band members. Hi Mitch! When I first met him, he looked a bit scary to me and I didn’t know how to communicate with him, but he has a sweet heart and is kind to us. Mitch and Harry are best friends, what kind of person do you think harry is. mitch? 

mitch: [slowly] a monster

harry: [cracking up with laughter watching them and making jokes with adam]

clare: you shouldn’t say that! I think he used the wrong japanese word because he ate too many okonomiyaki pancakes in Osaka yesterday. Are you sure mitch?

mitch: help me

clare: oh well there might be something wrong with him [walks over to adam and harry] he [adam] is a very good dad. did you see his kids? they’re very cute, aren’t they? his family are very lovely. Adam, are you having a great time with harry on this tour?

adam: [joking] not at all

clare: seriously?

adam: I’m serious

harry: [laughs and throws a flag at adam and then throws a towel at mitch] [adam throws the flag back at harry] [harry comes up behind clare and hugs her from behind to try and get the mic back but fails]

clare: [walks over to sarah’s stage] Hi Sarah! I can’t get up! Her drum is really cool, don’t you think everyone? When she is not onstage she is very charming and elegant, how are you doing sarah?

sarah: I’m hungry

clare: to be honest, we haven’t eaten anything for a few days because harry kicks us in jail and locks in our rooms when we’re not on stage

harry: [steals the mic back as clare runs away]  after she stole the spotlight, I’m feeling quite down. Thank you, Clare. Good 20 minutes now. Thanks. It was good.