an overdue thank you from hsd


hi guys!! sorry for taking so long to really say what’s happened.

first of all, we wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s said nice things regarding HSD being terminated by tumblr, we’ve been reading them. we are all very upset over losing years and years of archive and obviously are doing everything we can to get it back.

yesterday, the craziest thing happened and a certain mgmt team got in contact with us to help us get both our twitter and tumblr back. they’ve already managed to get our twitter back, which we’re so thankful for. right now they’re working w/ tumblr to see if theres anything they can do, but no promises. honestly we are so thankful that they’re helping us to begin with and whatever happens, we love them and they’re literally so nice and amazing to us. harry is truly lucky to have such a wonderful team.

if everything fails we just wanna say thank you for following us over the years! we won’t be remaking unfortunately. but we had a lot of fun running our tumblr, you can find us on twitter now (@harrystylsdaily) and of course all our hqs are in our gallery (

love, the hsd team ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️